Lifestyle Tip for the Day:


Now, we all know comfort food is the name of the game on playoffs or tournament nights. You want to have a bunch of friends over, and chow down on some tasty treats as you watch the big game. But as we all know, all those nachos and ranch dips can really give your body a run for its money.

So, here are some concrete reasons to eat healthy at your next big game day:

-You’ll stay alert. Fatty snacks and high salt levels make us feel sleepy, and start to lose focus. Sugary foods give us lots of blood sugar spikes, which can perk us up, but every peak leads right back to a crash.

-You’ll be more comfortable. Most of those store-bought snacks taste great on the way in, but wreak havoc in your digestive system. Avoid those gurgles, gasses, and groans by working some more fiber into your game-day diets.

-You won’t need all those air fresheners. Most of us blame beans and other fibrous foods for gas. However, the big culprits for gas and bloating are usually high-fat dairy products and junk food. Trust us–nobody’s had to evacuate a room because someone let one rip after a piece of celery. After a plate of nachos? That’s a different story, and we’ve all been there.

-Your toilet will thank you. (you have friends over. You’re all in the same boat. Enough said)

-You won’t have to feel as bad about lounging around all day.

In the name of eating healthy this game day, here are our favorite alternatives to traditional snacking.

-Replace white crackers with whole grains or vegetable sticks. You’ve probably seen lots of variations on those “ancient grains” or “quinoa chip” in the supermarket. They might seem like a gimmick, but those whole grains do give chips and crackers a better nutritional profile than the Wheat Thins group. Plus, that extra protein and fiber will leave you feeling fuller, so you won’t end up chowing down a whole bag. And let’s face it–none of us are really interested in crackers. They’re just vehicles for dip. With that in mind, try using carrots, celery, or pepper strips to serve your dips. 

-Make your own dips, using greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Those store-bought dips are loaded with salts, sweeteners, or other additives that you don’t want to be eating. You might think that those extras make your dips or sauces tastier, but they’re no match for fresh dips! Greek yogurt is even tangier and tastier, and has a much better nutritional profile than sour cream.

-Keep it simple: When you’re making your own guac, dips, or other snacks, you’ll want to keep things down to the minimum ingredients. For instance, leave that mayo out of the guac. You don’t need it, and your guacamole will taste fresher and more exciting without it. Plus, you’ll be cutting out fat, calories, and farts at the same time.

Recipe tip: Garlic Cheese Spread

This is a great one to sub out for your ranch or other cheesy spreads. It’s super simple. Just get a pint of yogurt, and a few cloves of garlic. We usually go with 2 big ones per pint, but you can adjust depending on preference. All you’ve got to do is crush the garlic, add a tiny bit of olive oil, and stir it into the yogurt. Then, you just plop the whole thing into some cheesecloth, and let it drain out for about half an hour. It’s super tangy, with a bit of a garlicky kick, and it goes with pretty much anything. Plus, it’s full of protein, nutrients, and probiotics that will actually help your digestive system out, rather than bogging down in additives, preservatives, and saturated fats. 

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