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TODAY: NCAA Ticketing Struggles Affect Players, Too!


Ever feel like you’re the only one missing out on tickets? It always seems like the second you log on to presales, all the best seats are already gone. It’s certainly a tough time to be getting tickets.

This week, as we get down to the Final Four in the NCAA brackets, the New York Times confirms that fans aren’t the only ones getting screwed out of tickets. In a piece called For N.C.A.A. Tickets, Even Players Have to Barter, journalist Seth Berkman discusses the challenges of getting even families and friends into big games.

Apparently, colleges and universities can allot each player up to 6 tickets for each game. But at a time when stadiums are pushing close to 100,000 seats, that’s barely a section of the house. When you count in all the fans, admirers, and college community, you’re looking at nearly all tickets driven through the money machine at the NCAA.

In response to the tight ticketing and rising cost of travel for parents who want to see their kids’ big games in other cities, many teams have started to lobby for travel stipends to help families out. Meanwhile, players have to barter, blackmail and play favors with college officials to make things work.

You can read the full article over at the NYT.

It’s a great time for the NCAA, but it’s starting to be a bit of a squeeze for some of us fans! We’re hoping to see some developments over the next year, to help all of us loyal fans get a fair shot at tickets. In the meantime, we’re upgrading our cable subscriptions and hoping for the best. 

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